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We are well aware that not everyone's needs are identical. Various clients require different and specialised machinery according to each individual project. To answer these needs we have our unique Versatruck programme, which provides you with the flexibility and opportunity of choosing from a number of tailor-made Bell ADT permutations to provide specialised machinery best suited to your application requirements.

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Built from the specialised machinery concept, we offer an extensive list of customised, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Low Profile ADTs – Designed for heavy duty mining, our Low Profile ADTs have superior off road ability, which makes light work of underground mining operations. 

  • Ejector Trucks – specifically designed with heavy duty specifications for tough mining applications our Ejectors offer improved safety while providing solutions to sites with limited tipping space and a need to tip on the fly or load spread..

  • Fire Trucks – Built with robust componentry to deliver trouble free operation, our Fire Trucks have the ability to negotiable difficult slopes making them the ideal solution for fighting fires in isolated and difficult to reach areas.  

  • Water Tankers – Our quality water tankers are stable and extremely simple to operate. Available in 15 000 litre to 45 000 litre capacities, they are also fitted with pumps to match your specific requirements.   

  • Lube Trucks – Built for superior durability and productivity at the lowest possible daily operating cost, the lube truck is indispensable on construction sites.

  • Flat Deck Trucks – Our flat deck trucks provide the power and grit needed when moving large loads.

  • Hooklift Trucks – Offers unmatched versatility when moving skips and postboxes.

  • Container Trucks – Endless customising opportunities ensure the container truck remains a part of your fleet for many years. Low ground pressure and efficient fuel consumption promote efficient application.

  • Concrete Trucks – The reliable and efficient concrete trucks offer excellent manoeuvrability and are suited to the most demanding applications.

  • Timber Trucks – Designed for forestry applications, Bell Timber Trucks are available in different sizes and configurations to provide all operations with the ideal fit for cost effective timber haulage.

  • Waste Handlers - Waste Handlers get the job done safely in a wide range of tough applications.

  • Waste Compactors – Built for large and small landfill sites, our Waste Compactors are built to handle the harsh application.

  • Underground Concrete Mixer – Our Underground Concrete Mixer is efficient and offers excellent manoeuvrability like our Concrete Trucks.

Managing this specialised machinery programme is the responsibility of the Bell Application Equipment (BAE) division in Richards Bay. Our team has years of experience, and they are dedicated to the design, fabrication and assembly of our specialised machinery.

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Importantly, the Versatrucks offer you the best in performance, safety, fuel efficiency and ease of operation of the standard Bell ADT range. They also have all the latest innovations and features. Versatruck products are built according to our uncompromising design philosophy and quality standards and therefore carry an OEM warranty and are guaranteed of our technical support.

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