• Unrivalled manoeuvrability
  • Economical operation
  • High load capacity and stability
Suitable for rough terrain
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220A Forklift

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  • Unrivalled manoeuvrability
  • Economical operation
  • High load capacity and stability
  • Suitable for rough terrain
Key Features:
  • Engine net power: 49 kW
  • Operating weight: 5 678 kg
  • Lifting capacity: 3.5 tonnes



Model: Deutz F4L912
Configuration: 4 cylinder, in-line, air cooled with integrated blower fan
Engine Capacity: 3.770 l
Governed Power: 46 kW
Max. torque: 230 Nm @ 1 500 rpm
Governed full Power Engine Speed: 2 150 rpm
Max. Rated Speed: 2 500 rpm
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Frame Mounting: 3 point rigid mounting
Sump material: Cast Aluminium
Oil Capacity: 9 l
Blower failure warning: Mechanical linkage induces injector pump shut-off
Low idle: 800 rpm
High idle: 2 250 rpm
Fuel filtration: Two stage. Spin-on water separator primary, replaceable spin-on secondary
Oil filtration: Replaceable spin-on paper-type micro filter- full flow


Type: Rigid frame mounted stainless steel vertical silencerwith short stack pipe outlet
Air Cleaner


Type: Dual (primary & safety) paper element cyclonic canister type with restriction visual indicator
Pre Cleaner System


Type: Cyclonic dust bowl
Fuel Inlet System


Water separator primary filter- spin-on: Frame mounted, 5 micron
Secondary filter- spin-on: Frame mounted, 5 micron
Engine/Trans. Coupling


Type:  Bell nylon gear coupling
Drive Pumps


Model: Eaton 78363
Type: Axial piston, closed loop, manualcontrol swash plate
Control: Direct control, foot lonkage
Pump Displacement: 40.6 cc/rev per wheel
Relief pressure: 276 bar
Flow rate at governed RPM: 87.29 l/min per wheel
Drive Motors


Model: Eaton 74318
Type: Axial piston, closed loop
Transmission Charge Circuit


Model: Bosch Rexroth Double
Type: Aluminium gear pump
Pump displacement: 16 cc/rev
Pump Flow @ Governed engine: 34.4 l/min @ rpm
Relief Pressure setting: 17 bar
Pressure Filter Rating- Beta 75 rating: 13 micron
Drive Wheels


Drive Tyre Type: All Traction Field & Road - 10 ply with inner tube
Drive Tyre size: 18.4 x 26
Drive Wheel rim: 16 x 26, 1 piece
Drive Wheels Tractive Effort: 29.019 kN-machine
Road speed: 10.00 km/hr at governed engine speed
Drive Wheel Inflation Pressure: 1.5 bar
Unladen Ground Pressure Rear: 0.49 bar
Tail Wheel


Tail Wheel Tyre Type: High Flotation Implement, 10 Ply with inner tube
Tail Wheel Tyre Size: 400 x 15.5
Tail Wheel rim: 13 x 15.5, 1 piece
Tail Wheel Inflation Pressure: 3.0 bar
Unladen Ground Pressure: 1.28 bar


Service Brake Type: Closed Loop Hydrostatic Wheel retardation
Park Brake Type: Spring applied , hydraulic release wet multi disc


Type: 1.5m Class II fork tyne
Capacity: 3.5 tonnes
Hydraulic Tank


Type: Integral with tubular frame
Oil Type: Rando HDZ 68 Hydraulic fluid
Capacity: 140 l (150 l for system)
Maximum operating temp: 90 deg C @ 45 ambient
Implement Hyd System


Type: Fixed displacement open centre seperate gear pumps with full flow suction filtering. WO return filtration or cooling
Suction Filtration: 20 micron
Boom/Mast Hydraulic Function


Pump Model: Eaton #26
Pump Type: Gear, open centre, Trans.pump thru-drive
Pump Displacement: 29 cc/rev
Fuel Tank


Type: Remote to frame, rear mounted
Capacity: 76 L
Non-Boom Aux Hyd Functions


Pump Type: Gear, open centre, engine geartrain drive
Pump displacement: 22.5 cc/rev
Pump Flow @ Governed engine: 48.4 l/min @ rpm
Electrical System


Voltage: 12V
Lighting: Frame mounted foward and rear
Lockable Isolater Switch: Battery mounted fuse, 300 Amp, fall system protection via resetable circuit breakers
Steering System


Type: Front wheel hydraulic skid steer via foot operated treadle control system


Type: Integral with steel frame, no doors
Guarding: HD windscreen guard & bonnet guard, rear engine bay doors

Over-centre lock-down latches x2 to prevent accidental seat plate tip-up; Low profile padded seat with lap strap seat belt; Frame post mounted rearview mirrors

Warning Lights

Oil pressure sensor alternator charge light

Operating Mass


Unladen Front: 3,400 kg
Unladen Rear: 2,278 kg
Unladen Total: 5,678 kg
Shortest Wheelbase: 2,568 kg
Load distance ahead of front axle: 1,170 m
Outstretched Tipping load: 5,000 kg
SWL - Payload: 3,500 kg
SWL Laden Front: 8,495 kg
SWL Laden Rear: 683 kg
SWL Laden Total: 9,178 kg
Line Drawings

220A Forklift Brochure
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