Articulated Dump Truck

  • Best in class off-road ability
  • Best in class comfort and ease of operation
  • On board weighing and remote production monitoring
Optimised Versatility
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B30E 4x4 ADT

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  • Optimised design
  • Highest power to weight
  • Superior off road ability
  • Extreme versatility
  • Standard on board weighing
Key features:
  • Gross Power: 246 kW (329 hp)
  • Gross Torque: 1 300 Nm (958 lbft)
  • Rated Payload: 28 000 kg (61 729 lbs)


Mercedes Benz inline 6 cylinder, turbocharged, intercooled, low emission diesel engine

Gross power: 246 kW (329 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
Net Power: 236 kW (316 hp) @ 2 200 rpm
Gross Torque: 1 300 Nm (958 lbft) @ 1 150 -1 800 rpm
Displacement: 7,7 litres (469
Fuel tank capacity: 302 l (79,78 US gal)
Auxilliary Brake: Exhaust brake
Engine Valve Brake (EVB)
AdBlueTM Tank Capacity: 31 l (8,2 US gal)
Certification: OM 936LA meets EU Stage IV/EPA Tier 4 Final emissions regulations


Manufacturer: Allison
Model: 3500PR ORS
Configuration: Fully automatic planetary transmission with integral retarder
Layout: Engine mounted
Gear layout: Constant meshing planetary gears, clutch operated
Gears: 6 Foward, 1 Reverse
Clutch tyoe: Hydraulically operated multi-disc
Control type: Electronic
Torque Converter: Hydrodynamic with lock-up in all gears.


Transfer Box
Manufacturer: Bell VGR
Model: 10000
Layout: Remote mounted
Gear Layout: Three in-line helical gears
Output Differential: Interaxle 33/67 proportional differential. Automatic inter-axle differential lock


Manufacturer: Bell

Front: Bell 18T

Rear: Bell 36T

Front Differential: High input limited slip differential with spiral bevel gears
Final Drive: Outboard heavy duty planetary on all axles


Braking System
Service Brake: Dual circuit, full hydraulic actuation wet disc brakes on front and middle axles.
Maximum brake force: 263 kN (59,125 lbf)
Park & Emergency: Spring applied, air released driveline mounted disc
Maximum brake force: 396 kN (89,000 lbf)
Auxiliary Brake:

Automatic engine valve brake.

Automatic, adjustable, integral, hydrodynamic transmission retarder. Output shaft speed dependent.

Total Retardation Power:

Continuous: 318 kW (426 hp)

Maximum: 588 kW (788 hp)




Type: Radial Earthmover

Front: 23.5 R 25

Rear: 29.5 R 25


Front Suspension

Semi-independant, leading A-frame supported by hydropneumatic suspension struts.

Hydraulic System

Full load sensing system serving the prioritized steering, body tipping and brake functions. A ground-driven, load sensing emergency steering pump is integrated into the main system.

Pump Type: Variable displacement load sensing piston
Flow: 165 l/min (44 gal/min)
Pressure: 28 Mpa (4,061 psi)
Filter: 5 microns


Steering System

Double-acting steering cylinders with ground driven emergency steering pump.

Lock to lock turns: 4.1
Steering Angle: 45º


Dumping System

Two double-acting, single stage, dump cylinders

Raise Time: 12 s
Lowering Time: 6 s
Tipping Angle: 70º standard, or any lower angle programmable


Pneumatic System

Air drier with heater and integral unloader valve, serving park brake and auxiliary functions

System Pressure: 810 kPa (117 psi)


Electrical System
Voltage: 24 V
Battery Type: Two AGM (Absorption Glass Mat) type
Battery Capacity: 2 X 75 Ah
Alternator Rating: 28 V 80 A


Vehicle Speeds
1st:  7 km/h (4 mph)
2nd:  12 km/h (8 mph)
3rd:  19 km/h (12 mph)
4th:  27 km/h (17 mph)
5th:  39 km/h (24 mph)
6th:  45 km/h (28 mph)
R:  7 km/h (4 mph)



ROPS/FOPS certified 74 dBA internal sound level measured according to ISO 6396

Line Drawings

Grade Ability / Rimpull

1. Determine tractive resistance by finding intersection of vehicle mass line and grade line.
NOTE: 2% typical rolling resistance is already assumed in chart and grade line.
2. From this intersection, move straight right across charts until line intersects rimpull curve.
3. Read down from this point to determine maximum speed attained at that tractive resistance.


1. Determine retardation force required by finding intersection of vehicle mass line.
2. From this intersection, move straight right across charts until line intersects the curve.
NOTE: 2% typical rolling resistance is already assumed in chart.
3. Read down from this point to determine maximum speed.

Load Capacity and Ground Pressure

Available Equipment (• Standard - Option)
  • Engine valve brake and exhaust brake
• Dual-element air cleaner with dust ejector valve
• Precleaner with automatic dust scavenging
• Water separator
• Provision for fast fill
• Serpentine drive belt with automatic tensioner
  • Crankshaft-mounted electronically controlled viscous-drive fan
• Fan guard
Pneumatic System
  • Engine-mounted compressor
• Air drier with heater
• Integral unloader valve
Electrical System

• Battery disconnect
• Drive lights
• Air Horn
• Reverse alarm
• Rotating Beacon
• Pitch Roll Sensor
- Artic reverse light

Steering System
  • Bi-directional ground-driven secondary steering pump

• ROPS/FOPS certification
• Tilt cab
• Gas strut-supported door
• I-Tip programmable dump-body tip settings
• HVAC Climate control system
• AM/FM radio/CD player
• Rear window guard
• Wiper/washer with intermittent control
• Tilt and telescoping steering wheel
• Centre-mount air-suspension seat
• Forward work lights
- LED work lights
- Rotating beacon: seat belt installation
- Remote engine and machine isolation
- Remote battery jump start
• Retractable 3 point seat belt
• Heated seat
• Foldaway trainer seat with retractable seat belt
• 12-volt power outlet
• Cab utility bin (removable)
• Cup holder
• Cooled/heated lunch box
• Electric adjustable and heated mirrors
• Deluxe 10” color LCD:
        Speedometer / Fuel gauge /Transmission oil temperature gauge /
        Engine coolant temperature gauge / LED function/warning
        indicators and audible alarm / Transmission gear selection /
        Tachometer / Battery voltage / Hour meter / Odometer /
        Fuel consumption / Tip counter / Trip timer / Trip distance /
        Metric/English units / Service codes/diagnostics
        Backlit sealed switch module functions:
        Wiper control / Lights / Heated mirrors / Retarding aggressiveness /
        Transfer case differential lock / Transmission gear hold /
        Dump-body tip limit / Automatic dump-body tip settings /
        Air conditioner/ Heater controls / Preselected Speed Control

Dump Body
  • Dump-body mechanical lock
- Body liner
- Tailgate
- Body heater
- Less dump body and cylinders
  • Automatic Traction Control (ATC)
• Wet disc brakes
• 23.5R25 Radial Earthmover tyres (front)
• 29.5R25 Radial Earthmover tyres (rear)
• Remote grease banks
- Automatic greasing
- Onboard Weighing
- Load Lights: stack
- Comfort ride suspension (front)
- Reverse Camera
- Hand Rails
• Cab Peak
- High pressure hydraulic filter
- Fuel heater
• Belly cover
• Cross member cover
- Remote transmission filters