Bell LubeCheck

  • Monitoring of oils is an essential part of any preventative maintenance program.
  • With the Bell LubeCheck system you can easily pick-up any problems before they lead to failure or costly repair.
  • Contact your local Bell agency to get more details on both the system and How it can benefit your business.
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  • The analysis of used oils adds value to an operation by serving as a cost-reducing predictive maintenance tool for all types of machinery with oil-wetted components.
  • Bell LubeCheck - a new service for all Bell customers - is managed and administered by independent oil analysis speciailist, WearCheck. With WearCheck’s four decades of oil analysis experience and access to their database of over 550 000 samples per annum, the package offers peace of mind through preventative maintenance, which saves time and money, and minimises unscheduled breakdowns.

Bell LubeCheck Brochure Brochure
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