Articulated Dump Truck

  • Best in class off-road ability
  • Best in class comfort and ease of operation
  • On board weighing and remote production monitoring
Optimised Versatility
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The Intelligent Articulated Dump Truck

We offer the largest range of ADTs on the global market and set the benchmark by offering the highest levels of automation and control to deliver best in class off-road ability and a very competitive cost per tonne solution.

Being articulated makes our dump trucks highly manoeuvrable and they also provide superior versatility. With being six-wheel drive, our ADTs can operate in good and poor weather conditions and on poor or unchecked haul roads. They are suitable for long and short hauls and they can also run on steeper grades than rigid trucks.

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A great deal of research and development is invested into our ADT product to continually strive to set new standards in safety, driver comfort and truck management. Ground-breaking innovations such as keyless ignition, HillAssist, Bin Tip Prevention, Auto Park Application (APA), Turbo Spin Protection and On-Board Weighing (OBW), are all standard features across our small and large truck ranges.

In addition to onboard weighing, our ADT dump truck provides remote machine monitoring designed to promote maximum productivity and machine operating efficiency. And since articulated dump truck operators use our machines for long operating hours, we have ensured the best in class comfort and ease of operation. Our reliable, fuel efficient dump trucks have been designed to carry any load capacity on all types of terrains.  

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