Durable Forestry Equipment

Bell Equipment's presence in the forestry sector dates back to the 1960s when the Bell Tri-Wheeler was adapted as a versatile Logger by fitting a robust timber grab. Since then our range of forestry equipment has grown to include purpose built Haulage Tractors complemented by a variety of Timber Trailer options as well as Articulated Timber Trucks. Our forestry equipment continues to be indispensable in numerous forestry operations and is best suited to handle the arduous forestry environment. In addition to our Bell range of forestry equipment we are also an appointed dealer for Waratah Heads and the full range of John Deere forestry equipment solutions. The purpose-built John Deere fully mechanised systems are seen as a global benchmark in terms of productivity, lowest daily operating costs and uptime. Our other Bell products, particularly Dozers and Graders, are also used in the forestry industry for infrastructure and road maintenance.

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Our Range of Forestry Machinery

  • Excavator carriers - Seen as the global benchmark for excavator carriers in forestry, Kobelco machines supplied out of Japan are renowned for their reliability and fuel economy. Professional in-house conversions provide tracked and wheeled options specific to timber handling, harvesting and processing operations across the Kobelco range.

  • FastFell - A mechanical tree felling and bunching machine for a simple, robust solution in both thinnings and clear-fell harvesting operations. Based on the Bell tri-wheeler’s hydrostatic drive concept, the FastFell delivers high productivity and a low cost of ownership.

  • Feller Buncher – With best-in-class booms, a levelling system for working on steep slopes and a custom designed undercarriage, our Feller Bunchers are rugged forestry equipment that are able and stable.

  • Forwarder – Our range of Forwarders has a model perfect for your operation. With a strong pedigree of performance our Forwarders are reliable and hard-working to deliver quicker cycle times and increase your productivity.

  • Harvester – Fitted with a load sensing hydraulic system and a fully integrated measuring system to 'plug and play' with Waratah head, our Harvesters are sophisticated forestry equipment, designed with the highest engine power and swing torque to deliver the highest productivity.

  • Logger – The Bell Logger has stood the test of time and continues to provide the lowest cost per tonne loading solution. With possibly the simplest design of any mechanised forestry machinery, the Bell Logger also has unsurpassed availability and is available in various options to suit an operation's requirements.

  • LogPro – A new age high capacity tri-wheeler timber loader, featuring a unique weight distribution system that enhances both lift capability and drive wheel traction. With an certified operator cab, featuring a high standard of ergonimics and state-of-the-art control systems, the LogPro maximizes machine efficiency, durability and workplace safety.

  • Long Range Forwarder – The Bell Long Range Forwarder is a unique, purpose-built machine providing the perfect combination between a truck and a forwarder for the ultimate in versatility. It allows you to travel at higher speeds over poor terrain while the self-loading crane with a dual facing cabin means increased productivity. 

  • Skidder – Whether you choose the single arch, dual arch or cable option, our Skidders are the ideal forestry machinery for pulling out cut trees. With a range and options to match any terrain, our Skidders offer superior stability and lowest operating costs.

  • Skogger – The four-wheel drive, articulated Skogger is primarily an extraction tool for full tree lengths or cut-to-length timber. However, the boom and grapple configuration lend the Skogger to numerous other tasks including the accumulation, stacking and loading of timber.

  • Timber Trucks – Derived from the popular Bell ADT, our sturdy Timber Trucks are purpose-built for the forestry application. The forestry equipment is extremely versatile and with superior off-road ability over rough terrain.

  • Timber Grapples - With 10 different models, ranging in capacity from 0,35 square metres to 1,8 square metres, Matriarch grapples found in timber harvesting and wood yard applications are known for their high quality and durability.

  • Waratah Heads – The Waratah Heads are the forester's choice when harvesting and processing logs. The forestry machinery is designed to handle the most heavily limbed, crooked and curled logs. It includes a strong grab-arm strength and excellent power-to-weight ratio.

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