Bell Extended Warranty

For peace of mind and smoothing cash flow there’s a variety of options to extend the warranty coverage of your Bell product with Extended Warranty programs available that can be tailored to cover the full machine or particular systems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I’ve purchased my machine without Extended Warranty. Will I still be eligible to purchase Extended Warranty?
A. Yes, you will be eligible to purchase Extended Warranty, while your machine is still within the Standard Warranty Period.
Q. When does my Extended Warranty start?
A. Extended Warranty starts from the date of machine installation.
–  E.g.:  a 6000 Hour / 36 Month package will start at machine installation and end on the 36th month, from date of installation or 6000 machine hours, whichever occurs first.

Q. What is Top-Up Warranty?
A. Top-Up Warranty allows you to extend your current Extended Warranty Period, by hours or months or change your Extended Warranty package (i.e. can be changed to a lower package).

Q. What are the requirements to Purchase or Top-Up my Extended Warranty?
A. You will be able to Purchase or Top-Up your Extended Warranty, while your machine is still within its Warranty Period and has a Service History with Bell Equipment.
The Bell Salesman or Customer Support rep will need to submit the following details for authorisation:

  • Machine Model
  • Machine Serial/VIN Number
  • Current Hours
  • Required Extended Warranty or Top-Up Option (i.e. Top-Up to 8000 Hours / 48 Months)
  • Has the original customer for this machine changed? (Yes / No)
  • Recent Machine Condition Assessment and Job Card (Repair & Service) history.

Top-Up Warranty is subject to the Warranty Managers Approval.

Q. Are there other details to take note of?
A. Extended Warranty or Top-Up Warranty period will always be from the machines first installation date and the Hours applicable will be the actual machine Hours/SMR.