Innovative Agricultural Equipment

Bell was born into the sugar industry and our agricultural equipment range remains an integral part of our business. Our focus is to provide innovative agriculture machinery that contributes to pioneering solutions for the agricultural markets. From quality load and haul equipment to materials handling solutions, Bell is dedicated to supplying leading agricultural equipment to support a variety of harvesting operations. Like the rest of our extensive range, our agricultural equipment is supported through our network of Customer Service Centres and dealers to provide expert technical and service backup to keep your agricultural operations on track.

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Our Range of Agricultural Machinery

  • Cane Loader – The Bell Tri-Wheeled Cane Loader is one of our founding products that has revolutionised the sugar industry. It's an award winning, yet simple, concept that delivers unrivalled manoeuvrability, low ground pressure and increased productivity.
  • Cane Slew Loaders – For 'controlled traffic' operations Bell has the Matriarch UltECO 5 and UltECO 6, competitive, economical, lightweight Cane Slew Loaders, which offer a similar level of simplicity, functionality and durability as the Bell Cane Loader.
  • CanePro – a Matriarch innovation aimed at reducing cane loading times to deliver improved operational efficiency while still delivering on the Bell lowest cost per tonne principle.
  • Haulage Tractors – Easy to maintain and highly cost effective, Bell Haulage Tractors have a combination of high strength alloys steels, lightweight material and efficient design. The rigid chassis, fully automatic transmission and unmatched durability deliver agricultural machinery that is purpose-built for the haulage application.
  • Tandem Trailers – Complementing our strong and reliable Haulage and Articulated Tractors is our range of Tandem Trailers, featuring best-in-class suspension and axle components, which make them highly suitable for interlinking in-land trains.  

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