Bell Lubricants - the lifeblood of your machine

Published: 27 July 2017

Bell Equipment's products are not only limited to its extensive range of earthmoving machinery. As part of the company's commitment to live its mantra, 'Strong Reliable Machines, Strong Reliable Support', the company also has an extensive range of oils, fluids and greases - collectively known and branded as Bell Lubricants - that are specially formulated to enhance machine life and performance.

Bell Equipment Product Manager, Twan Bell, said: "Bell Lubricants is an initiative by Bell Equipment to provide added value to our customers through our comprehensive programme of after sales products and services. As a multi-brand application, the range is not limited to Bell machines and it is supported by the provision of key technical assistance and advice."

For example, using Bell recommended oils ensures efficient performance and optimum protection of your machine's engine. However, the company advises that maximum benefit is derived by using low sulphur fuels because the sulphur in diesel forms sulphuric acid that plays a major role in increasing engine wear. "Using low sulphur diesel forms less sulphuric acid when combusted, which leads to lower engine wear rates, reduced harmful exhaust emissions, improved combustion properties and longer engine life. Sulphur in diesel leads to the formation of sulphate particulates. In the engine oil, these cause depletion of additives and reduced oil life," explains Twan.

She continues: "All the products within the range are OEM approved and have been developed and approved for yellow metal and commercial trucking." As a premium brand offering 'Advanced Liquid Protection', Bell Lubricants have been specifically blended to suit the specific characteristics of components as well as the harsh applications that the machines are subject to. Superior performance is assured by the fit-for-purpose design that promotes the protection of engines, axles, transmissions and all components.

Bell Lubricants, like Bell genuine parts, are conveniently distributed to and sold by Bell Equipment's 23 Customer Service Centres situated throughout South Africa, which are well stocked and can deliver overnight, to make service and maintenance of machines a whole lot easier.

Choosing the right oil for your machine is made easy with the product data sheets, which are available on the Bell website.