Bell at Intermat 2018

Published: 24 April 2018

Day 3:

Bell France, our hosts for the show: Frédéric Noël, Julien Mauchaussat, Christiane Cuvillier, Jean Lhermitte, Marine Blanchon, Céline Gutierrez, Yves Prevot, Guillaume Tabiteau, Christian Pellé.

Throughout the days of Intermat many visitors enjoyed their Bell experience, discovering the high comfort and safety standards of the specialist’s leading ADT models.

The international Group Management of Bell Equipment were in attendance to inform customers throughout the world (from left): Leon Goosen (CEO Designate), Marc Schürmann (European Director), Gary Bell (CEO), Céline Gutierrez (MD Bell France), Nick Learoyd (MD Bell UK).

Bell France welcomed over 100 dealers and customers to the traditional evening dinner near the show venue.

Day 2:

The international Bell Team ready to welcome visitors to Intermat 2018.

The Bell B40E is one of the top-sellers on earthmoving markets worldwide and is attracting good attention at the show.

A closer look: the world class componentry of the Bell ADT is a common theme in many expert discussions.

Day 1:

Hop c’est parti! For the seventh consecutive time, Bell Equipment welcomes visitors from around the world to Intermat 2018 in Paris.

As the first European foothold for Bell as an ADT specialist, Bell France (est. 1995) can count on a large and strong base of customers and friends.

Something different: the latest addition to Bell Equipment’s product range, the ‘small’ two-axle B30E 4x4, created much interest amongst insiders.

Jack, Sally and Sonny – the Bell hospitality specialists ready to go.