An Extensive Range of Construction Machinery and Equipment

Bell Equipment is focused on building its product range to cater for the needs of the construction industry. We have a wide variety of construction equipment and construction machinery available as a result of both strategic partnerships and local manufacture.

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  • Articulated Dump Truck – The Bell ADT is a popular feature on large earthworks and construction projects due to its superior off-road ability and lowest cost per tonne productivity, particularly the B20D with its ability to travel on-road, adding an even higher level of convenience.

  • Dozer – With maximum thrust and tear out forces, our Dozers make site preparation easy work.

  • Dumper Trailer – Attached to a Bell Haulage Tractor, a dumper trailer provides a versatile option for transporting construction materials around the jobsite.

  • Excavator – Digging trenches and foundations, or loading building materials, the Bell range of Excavators are versatile tools on construction sites.

  • Motor Grader – The controls of our Bell Motor Graders provide a smooth, predictable response and plenty of power whether the application calls for heavy blading or fine grading.

  • Tractor Loader Backhoe – Bell TLBs deliver in the way of productivity, uptime and lower daily operating costs and provide construction sites with a versatile workhorse for the laying of services and intricate site work. 

  • Wheeled Loader – Delivering power without compromise, providing strong engine power and torque for all applications and conditions while being remarkably fuel-efficient, our Wheeled Loaders are indispensible on construction sites.

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In response to market needs, Bell has developed a package solution - a small Loader matched to the smaller model of Bell Equipment’s Haulage Tractor and Dump Trailer. This locally manufactured option is ideal for start-up operations or material batching plants. This is why Bell is one of the leading companies supplying construction equipment to South Africa.  

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