DXI Ltd plans for the future with four new B30Es

Published: 14 June 2022

Founded by Dave Clark and Ivan Rawlins in 2013 after a long working relationship in the construction sector, DXI Regeneration Ltd has grown to employ over eighty staff and enjoy exceptional year-on-year growth. The company is now in the enviable position of enjoying significant repeat business, working on prestigious jobs nationally and boasting a full order book for the foreseeable future.

In 2023 DXI will celebrate its first decade of trading, thanks to the wide variety of specialist services they offer, which, according to Dave ‘is what makes DXI different’. As well as earthworks, enabling packages, highway and housing infrastructure and flood alleviation projects, the company also specialises in civil engineering and groundworks for both commercial and residential sectors, contaminated land remediation and management, embankment construction and stabilisation, and noise bund construction – enabling the company to offer optimum solutions to customers.

For the first few years, whilst the business was becoming established, DXI hired in Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) for all its earthmoving projects, specifying Bell where possible; a brand that Operations Director, Dave, has grown up to admire.

“My first experience of Bell dumpers was in 1999, whilst working for my father at Fylde Waste Disposal. The company owned a highly reliable Bell B25C, which was widely liked by all the operators and Bell has been my preferred dumper brand ever since.”

As new contracts were confirmed, the company achieved its aim of transitioning from hire to buy, which included the purchase of several B30Ds in 2016. Today, these ADTs are still going strong with
10 000 hours on the clock. They have recently been refurbished to ensure even longer life.

In 2021, DXI was appointed to undertake enabling and remediation schemes on several prestigious residential house builds in the North West. This enabled them to invest in a further four 2016/17 Bell B30E ADTs with low hours on the clock. Equipped with flotation tyres, these trucks worked productively throughout the winter ensuring the projects stayed on track, despite occasional challenging ground conditions in inclement weather.

A noteworthy feature of the Bells, according to Dave, is the fuel efficiency, which is becoming increasingly important: “Fuel costs have significantly increased at the same time that new legislation has been introduced to halt red diesel usage. It is therefore reassuring to know that the Bells are not only productive, but achieve the same output, using less fuel, than other dumpers we’ve hired in previously. This is one of the reasons that we’ve recently committed to the purchase of several new Bell B30Es, with the highly rated Stage V engine, which will not only reduce our emissions further, but improve fuel consumption even more. We’re looking forward to taking delivery of the machines later this year.”

An abundance of work in the North West and the awarding of new contracts to DXI has secured the long-term future of the business. It was important to extend the fleet of ADTs, with the additional four B30Es, to ensure availability of the right equipment for new projects.

Opting for a single brand of dump truck was an easy decision for Dave. “We have had no issues with the used dumpers in our fleet. They are highly productive and offer great reliability, so it was an easy decision to buy our first new machines from Bell. Going forwards, we are keen to embrace the Fleetm@tic® telematics system so that we can verify actual versus predicted output and look at the machine analytics in greater detail. Analysing idle time and work patterns will no doubt help us find further efficiencies and ultimately savings. After years of experience in the construction industry I instinctively know we are getting a great work rate, but I do acknowledge that advancements in technology will assist us going forwards.”

Dave Clark, DXI Operations Director