Let the dust stay settled; Green’s Haulage and Plant sees results from Bell Equipment Bowser

Published: 24 June 2019

Green’s Haulage and Plant, the Leicestershire-based construction equipment specialist, has purchased its first Bell Equipment bowser; a water distributing tanker, purpose designed and built onto a pre-owned B30D ADT.

The machine, which is currently proving its worth dousing dust in the Newbold Quarry in Staffordshire, is succeeding in making the surrounding environment cleaner, safer and more comfortable for operating staff and neighbouring residents.

The pre-owned B30D, which had 10,000 hours on the clock, was converted into a 27,000-litre bowser by Bell Equipment’s South African division. The tank can be filled with water manually or, in Green’s case, by using its integral pump to extract water from quarry ponds.

“We’re delighted with the converted vehicle,” says Nigel Green, the company’s director. “As this is a tank on an ADT, it’s built to handle the weight of the water it holds and appears truly at home dampening down the quarry’s long-haul roads. Whilst a tractor bowser can serve its purpose well in farming fields, a quarry presents a different, more demanding environment, where a machine created for plant operations can perform more efficiently and safely. By demonstrating performance like this, we’d certainly be looking at purchasing a further machine in the future.”

Accounts Manager at Bell Equipment UK, Ian Cobden has been delighted to learn of the bowser’s success on site. “This is a terrific conversion for use in dusty, construction environments. Built specifically for the industry it works within, it’s a machine that proves itself to be suitable and highly dependable.”