2nd Edition 2012

Published: 21 February 2012

Inside Track

Going for gold in the service stakes
In our slogan ‘Strong Reliable Machines’ may come first but as important for our customers is our undertaking to provide ‘Strong Reliable Support’.

In 2012 we are continuing to make significant investments that strengthen our skills base along with the commissioning of a series of upgrades to our customer support facilities around the world.

The Bell Equipment Factory training centre was the country’s first accredited private sector trade test centre for earthmoving mechanics and continues to enjoy a pass rate far above the national average.

The earthmoving mechanic apprenticeship is a three year course designed to equip artisans with the specific skills needed in the earthmoving machinery business.

A solid foundation of knowledge is provided in hydraulic systems, vehicle electronics and electrics, powerplant repair and overhaul, welding theory and practical skills.

In a number of regions around the world our local customer support operations have simply outgrown their facilities and Bell is taking the opportunity to roll out a blueprint for a customer support facility fine tuned to upgrading the customer experience.

These new Bell facilities will feature a careful match up of parts warehousing, workshop bays, offices and a comfortable customer reception area. At the same time the latest techniques and equipment to reduce the impact on the environment and a reduced energy footprint will be deployed.

At the end of the day it’s the quality of our people, suitably equipped with the right tools, who make good on our strong reliable promise.


Gary Bell
Group Chief Executive