Bell ADTs and Fleetm@tic® part of CPI’s net zero carbon drive

Published: 15 June 2022

Privately owned minerals and aggregates contractor, Chepstow Plant International (CPI), has been run by Managing Director, John Corcoran, for over 20 years. Since being founded in 1995 by Eddie Hayward, John has developed CPI into one of the UK’s leading mobile plant supplier firms and earthmoving contractors within the mineral products industry.

The business operates in a wide range of sectors across the UK and prides itself on utilising the newest and most environmentally friendly equipment on the market. Every single unit in the company’s substantial mobile plant fleet adheres to a comprehensive and rigorous set of safety standards developed by the company and its core clients that is practised across all areas of the business.

Bell Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) are a staple machine in the vast portfolio of plant and have been for over 20 years after early success with the popular 25-ton B25Ds. Since 2013, the Bell fleet has increased year-on-year, predominantly with Bell B30s, which have high flotation tyres offering greater stability. They enable the machines to work safely and successfully during wetter months thereby increasing overall utilisation. A recent delivery of four Bell ADTs, which included two of the larger 50-ton B50Es, are supporting a key customer’s increased production requirements at an intense mining operation. These are the largest trucks in Chepstow’s fleet and have so far proved themselves to be a great addition to the fleet.

John Corcoran - across his three decades at Chepstow Plant - has championed health, safety and development at every level, whilst also building long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Over the last five years he has been supported by Ross Hayward in procuring the most technologically advanced, safest and sustainable equipment to further support the business’ development. Ross started his career at the company 10 years ago in Used Equipment Sales, which helped to develop his in-depth knowledge of machines. He was appointed Head of Assets and Commercial in 2020 and is heavily involved in all aspects of the asset lifecycle within the business.

“When looking at key performance metrics, our Bell ADTs perform as efficiently as any others in our fleet. Every year significant work is put into each acquisition to ensure that we’re buying the right machines for the right contracts. Through this, we have particularly noted the Bells’ fuel efficiency, which is monitored via the Bell telematics system, Fleetmatic®.  Undoubtedly, fuel savings at the moment are very important – not just because of the switch from red diesel – but also because we as a business are passionate about sustainability. Chepstow Plant International is 100% committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and naturally, our primary emissions from our frontline machines is an important part of achieving our net zero target.”

Six more machines have since been ordered for delivery in 2022. Each of the six new B30Es is specified with the premium version of Fleetmatic®, which, according to Ross, is “one of the best telematics systems on the market”. The cycle-by-cycle information provides a granular level of performance analysis enabling CPI to understand site efficiencies by analysing production outputs against key variables such as haul lengths and cycle times, including loading and idle times, which are split out by material type. The data is used to actively look for improvements from both an operational and sustainability perspective, aiding both CPI and the customer.

Health and safety are always the first considerations on every project undertaken by Chepstow Plant International and on Bell ADTs this means the specification of inclinometers as standard. The development of the Tip Safe feature in 2014/15 was a joint project between John Corcoran and Gary Bell, Bell Equipment’s Chief Executive at the time, and has been an extraordinary success, proving to be a key preventative measure in eradicating overturns across the company’s ADT fleet. Refused tip data is another area monitored by Fleetmatic® and any unit tipping over 9° is recorded as a near miss and followed up with remedial action.

Committed to decarbonisation, Ross and the team have identified that training and telemetry can help achieve carbon neutral growth and offset emissions.

Current targets include:
• Just 30 minutes per day less idle time per machine, across the entire fleet, could save over
210 000 litres of fuel each year. That’s the equivalent emissions of almost 10 Bell B30Es.
• Improved control of traffic flow on sites to eliminate waiting times for loading.
• Improve fuel burn through targeted training sessions.
• Encouraging the use of HVO as an alternative fuel option.

“Ninety-two percent of our fleet is now Stage V, which is the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly solution for any frontline quarrying asset today. Our in-house HVO trial – one of the most comprehensive conducted in Europe – will hopefully be a large step in the right direction for ourselves and our customers in making the right decisions in moving forwards for a sustainable future. The trial results should hopefully confirm to us all that HVO is the right fuel to collectively drive down our carbon footprint, whilst also improving on-site conditions through reducing particle matter and CO (carbon monoxide).”

The Continuous Improvement (CI) team at Chepstow Plant International has developed a road map for net zero carbon to begin in 2022 with an overall goal of increasing the fleet without increasing the footprint. Fleetmatic® and Bell ADTs are firmly part of the solution.

“We have an excellent working relationship with Bell Equipment and the company is very responsive to working with us on both R&D and after-sales maintenance to support our goals. Fleetmatic® continues to be a user-friendly platform and is one of the few systems that allows us to log on and translate the data into meaningful actions very quickly, which undoubtedly makes all the difference.”

Ross Hayward, CPI’s Head of Assets and Commercial.