Bell offers both cost per hour and cost per tonne benefits

Published: 15 September 2021

Bell Equipment has a design philosophy that always focuses on providing customers with productive machines running at the lowest cost per hour, resulting in the most economical cost per tonne haulage solution.

Bell Equipment Product Marketing Manager, Nick Kyriacos, explains: “The popular 40t class has both an established rental market and a mining market. Each of these markets have a different focus, however. Customers in the rental market are mainly concerned with what their truck costs them on a rands per hour basis whereas mining customers are production focused and want a truck that delivers the lowest cost per tonne.

“With our Bell B40E and Bell B45E we are able to cater for the needs of both markets, it’s a matter of ‘horses for courses’. The trucks are very similar, sharing the same engine, with different kW ratings, and transmission as well as all the industry-leading features that are standard across our E-series range. The B40E offers the lowest cost per hour in its class owing to its lower capital cost and the Bell Care Package, which offers even more economical service offerings such as the flexible service by the hour package and extended warranties to keep service and maintenance costs to a minimum.

“By comparison the B45E has a slightly higher retail price but offers a 5% capacity increase with almost the same service and maintenance costs. The reliable transmission and engine, boasting an extra 10kW, make it an extremely productive machine with an excellent power-to-weight ratio, giving owners the lowest cost per tonne in the class.”

And whether rental customers opt for a dry or wet rate, the class leading fuel economy of the Bell ADTs can be witnessed in both the B40E and B45E, making them even more economical per tonne of material hauled.

Nick continues: “With Fleetm@tic®, our telematics solution fitted standard across our ADT range, rental customers can optimise utilisation, manage maintenance and monitor fuel burn. And for those interested in their productivity, like our mining customers, they can monitor their payloads on Fleetm@tic® using the integrated reporting of our onboard weighing function, also standard on our product, to maximise the profitability.

“For those serious about productivity and cost per tonne, there is also the Bell B50E and Bell B60E, which are unbeatable in 6x6 and 4x4 applications respectively. The Bell sales team is able to guide customers as they choose between all of our fantastic options,” he concludes.