Bell Equipment to showcase largest range of ADTs on the market at Hillhead 2018

Published: 12 June 2018

Bell Equipment will be showcasing the largest range of Articulated Dump Trucks on the market at this year’s Hillhead 2018.

The evolved E-series, the latest generation of Bell Equipment ADTs, now includes a machine for every application, ranging from the compact B20E to the colossal B60E. The entire range comprises the B20E, B25E, B30E, B35E, B40E, B45E, B50E and B60E, all of which have been created to bring together the very best in power, technology, efficiency and innovative design.

The latest addition to the range, the B20E, is already proving popular. With its ability to manoeuvre easily within small spaces and its low ground pressure enabling it to operate in excessively muddy or sandy conditions, it has become much sought-after in industries where compact is king, such as housebuilding and renewable energies.

At the other end of the spectrum, the B60E has already proven itself as a unique solution capable of moving large volumes of materials in all weather conditions, in a market sector that was previously only contested by rigid trucks.

The entire range is powered by the latest Mercedes Benz engines, offering the lowest cost per tonne machine on the market, and an economical drivetrain that delivers significantly lower fuel consumption. Each model also benefits from a number of “standard” features, including On-board Weighing, which was first introduced by Bell in 2003 and offers improved accuracy, giving the right payload irrespective of the loading method. Fleetm@tic®, a satellite-based management system developed by Bell over 15 years ago, enables users to monitor machine productivity, utilisation and condition.

To demonstrate the breadth and capability of the E-series, the B20E, B30E, B45E and B60E will be displayed on the Bell Equipment stand, with the B50E being put through its paces in the demonstration area.

“The E-series is an evolution built upon the proven legacy of the D-series in order to deliver increased production payloads, lower daily operating costs, superior ride quality and uncompromised safety standards – and all of these characteristics are carried through each model regardless of size,” explains Nick Learoyd, Managing Director of Bell Equipment UK.

“The scope of the range is unique to the industry and is not only enabling us to introduce the Bell brand to new industry sectors but is also giving our customers the opportunity to purchase all of their ADTs, irrespective of tonnage or application, from one manufacturer. This means that they have them with one contact for all of their ADT needs, from purchase to maintenance.”

Alongside the E-series ADTs, Bell Equipment’s industry leading Wheeled Loaders, the L2606E and L1706E, will also be on display. The range, which includes the L1204E, L1506E, L1706E, L1806E, L2106E and L2606E, is powerful, yet versatile and all machines are well suited to a variety of applications from heavy duty mining to construction. Bell Equipment’s innovative Quad Cool™ system, which reduces dust build up and prevents the engine from overheating, also makes them ideal for use in the recycling and waste management industries.

As well as being able to view the Wheeled Loaders and E-series ADTs, visitors to the stand can also discover more about the new B30E 4x4. With its shorter wheelbase, this new machine is more manoeuvrable than its six-wheeled counterpart and with the absence of a third axle, tyre wear is reduced making it a cost effective, yet efficient, machine. Bell representatives will also be on hand to discuss the company’s “Specials” offering, a bespoke design service that transforms ADTs to a customer’s precise specifications. This service is particularly of interest to the waste and recycling industries whereby custom-made bins can help increase productivity and reduce costs.

“This is the first time we will have a true representation of the scope of the E-series on display at Hillhead, and the show is an ideal platform on which to promote the range,” concludes Nick. “We are very much looking forward to welcoming visitors to our stand to see the extent of the E-series, and hopefully help them to find their perfect ADT partner.”