Plantforce’s plans to double fleet set to include further sales with Bell Equipment

Published: 23 October 2018

With a comprehensive fleet and strategically placed depots in Bristol, Exeter, Bridgwater and more recently Birmingham, rapidly expanding plant hire specialist, Plantforce, has announced plans to increase its fleet of Bell Equipment B30Es to support growing demand.

A major supplier to the Hinkley Point development project, and supplier to companies involved in the construction of HS2, Plantforce has built a formidable reputation for itself as a plant hire firm capable of responding quickly to a wide range of client requirements across the region; providing specialist, meticulously maintained equipment, together with the services of accredited plant operators.

With a portfolio comprising machines from self-drive mini diggers to 52-tonne excavators, Plantforce currently offers ten B30Es within its impressive fleet; having made its latest Bell Equipment ADT acquisition in March this year.
The company’s relationship with Bell is relatively new, and began back in November 2016, when demand from Plantforce’s customers for fleet machines with the ability to fulfil ‘the heavier side of plant’ led Operations Director, Samuel Mercer, to take delivery of his first consignment of Bell ADTs. He explains:

“With our customers increasingly requesting machines suitable for excavating sites such as Hinkley Point, quarry operations, housing sites, and for use as part of sea defence work, we felt the time was right to invest in a series of larger ADTs that would prove ‘task compatible’. 

“While considering market options we looked at the Bell B30E in close detail and chose to invest in the model for multiple reasons.  Its capacity to provide superior levels of fuel efficiency, together with its notable build-quality impressed us straight-away. 
“Furthermore, we felt that the model’s digital Fleetm@tic® system was exceptional, and very versatile.  So often, onboard management systems give users too much information that can prove unnecessary, while not presenting enough of what operators need on a practical level.

“However, with Fleetm@tic®, we found the inclusion of features such as the 72-hour data download, to offer truly supportive technology, capable of supplying back up information with peace of mind for clients should situations ever demand it.  The spec’s iTip feature also provided an additional level of safety we found to be essential.

“As the industry continues to change, and contractor’s deadlines and margins become ever tighter, customers increasingly demand the upfront knowledge of a vehicle’s potential for productivity, fuel consumption, and idling time.  Bell Equipment’s Fleetm@tic® system has made it possible for us to provide customers with this information simply and effectively, which in turn helps us to better manage our business.”

Samuel furthers his business management point by saying how enabling he’s found Bell Equipment’s support services to be:

“The ability for a manufacturer to back us is a major factor for us. I feel that Bell has supplied us with extremely dependable, hard-working machines that serve to promote our business reliability and we’ve also developed a great working relationship with the sales and support teams. We’ve found that Bell is always happy to help and is consistently prompt in responding to any needs or issues.” 

 Turning his attention to the client view on Bell Equipment’s machines and capabilities, he concludes: “In our opinion, customers are very happy to hire Bell trucks. We’ve found the vehicles are well received within the market, and our confidence in the machines’ demand is such that we’ve plans to increase our tally of ten B30Es significantly, with a goal to double the fleet number over the coming 12 months.”

Speaking on behalf of Bell Equipment, managing director, Nick Learoyd responds: “It’s tremendous to hear that after just an 18-month relationship with the B30E, Plantforce is already looking to double its fleet numbers. The evolving construction landscape in the UK is prime for hardworking ADTs such as the B30E, and we feel certain that with its improved payloads, faster haul cycles and industry leading fuel economy, Plantforce’s clients will be more enabled and productive behind the wheel of a Bell ADT in this increasingly demanding construction climate.”