1st Edition 2021

Published: 20 April 2021

Inside Track

Dear Customers

I trust that you have all had a good start to the year despite the cloud of COVID-19 that continues to hang over us. By all accounts it looks like 2021 will be another challenging year as we cope with effects of the pandemic and I wish you, your families and businesses strength and resilience.

The changes to our John Deere arrangements, announced in August, have taken effect and Bell transitioned to a non-exclusive dealer last month (March).

Many of you will be aware that BESSA has recently been appointed the distributor for the full range of JCB construction equipment, as from 1 May 2021. More information will be communicated closer to the time, but we are confident that this will lead to an invigoration of certain product lines and offer a better value proposition to you, our customers.

While some may find these significant changes unsettling, I think it is important for all our customers to understand that Bell, and our international OEM partners, all fully appreciate our joint obligations to provide full support for the life of any units sold, and will honour these obligations to our customers. If you have any concerns or questions, please engage with us to fully understand how we will be going about meeting these commitments across the entire product range.

In this magazine we once again deliver a great cross-section of stories about our different products and industries. Throughout there is a familiar and pleasing thread of customers who are satisfied with the performance of their products and the reliability and efficiency of our technical support.

At Bell we understand the importance of getting these basics right and we commit to intensifying our efforts in the areas of product quality and customer support to ensure that we meet or exceed your expectations. For example, those of you who follow Bell Equipment South Africa on social media will have seen that we now provide direct parts delivery, free to your door, to promote convenience and social distancing.

Going forward we will continue to look for opportunities to make our customers’ lives better. I thank you for your ongoing commitment and support of Bell and I am confident that working together we will be able to grow
and prosper.   

Yours sincerely

Leon Goosen
Group Chief Executive