Innovative Agricultural Equipment

Bell was born into the sugar industry and our agricultural equipment range remains an integral part of our business. From quality load and haul equipment to materials handling solutions, Bell is dedicated to supplying innovative agricultural equipment to support mechanized harvesting operations. Like the rest of our extensive range, our agricultural equipment is supported through our dealer network that provides expert technical and service backup to keep your agricultural operations on track.

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Our Range of Agricultural Machinery

  • Cane Loader – The Bell Tri-Wheeled Cane Loader is one of our founding products that has revolutionised the sugar industry. This award winning yet simple concept delivers unrivalled manoeuvrability, low ground pressure and increased productivity.

  • Cane Slew Loaders – For 'controlled traffic' operations Bell has a competitive, economical, lightweight Cane Slew Loader, which offers a similar level of simplicity, functionality, and durability as the Bell Cane Loader.

  • Haulage Tractors – Easy to maintain and highly cost effective, Bell Haulage Tractors are specifically designed to haul heavy trailers infield or on road. The rigid chassis and fully automatic transmission ensure effective and efficient haulage in various applications.

  • CanePro – A new high capacity tri-wheeler cane loader that features a unique weight distribution system for enhanced lift capability and drive wheel traction. With a certified operator cab, ergonomically designed with state-of-the-art control systems, the CanePro maximises machine efficiency, durability and workplace safety.

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