Privacy Policy


Bell Equipment Group endeavours to ensure that your personal data is processed fairly, lawfully and in a transparent manner, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679) as well as the data protection laws in countries where the various Bell entities are established.

Some of the services provided on this website requires the use of your personal data. The processing of your personal data on our website is based on the legitimate interests of Bell Equipment to ensure the optimal efficiency of the website and your consent to provide us certain personal details relating to the services on this website. The categories of personal data collected on this website and the purposes for which the information is collected is outlined in this policy:



2.1       Personal Data for Customer Enquiries:

In order to make an enquiry relating to the products advertised on this website, we require certain personal details from you. We will only use this information in order to:

  • To provide you with the information, products or services requested by you or manage any information or products and services relating to you;
  • To help us identify you for communication purposes;
  • To identify other products and services which might be of interest to you and to inform you about our products and services, related to your interests;
  • To connect you with your nearest Bell Branch.

2.2       Personal Data for Finance Applications:

Bell may allow its customers to make an online finance application through a third party credit provider. The Third Party processes your personal data for this purpose and the personal data supplied in relation to the application will be subject to the Third Party’s privacy policies. Information relating to the decision based on your application will be supplied to Bell. Bell will not use this information for any purpose other than to finalise your sale agreement and provide you aftermarket services. Bell retains personal data of its customers for the warranty period relating to the purchased product. Personal data relating to the application for finance will be retained in accordance with the National Credit Act.


2.3       Personal Data for Employment Applications:

Bell will require certain information from you when applying for vacancies posted on this website. This includes information that will enable Bell to verify your identity, nationality, education, criminal record and employment history. 


2.4       Automatic Processing of Cookies and Server Log Files:

Small text files called “cookies” are stored on your device by your browser by our webpage. Cookies are used to offer you the best user-experience on our website. Bell Equipment uses session and statistics cookies. Session cookies need to track your movement, activity and information entered on the website in order to help you use the services presented on the website. These cookies will be deleted once you close the webpage. Statistics cookies are collected by a third party web analytics service, Google Analytics, and help us to assess the popularity of our website and products. Google Analytics will anonymise your IP address so that the information collected about your presence on our website cannot be traced back to you. Google Analytics allows users the opportunity to opt-out of allowing Google Analytics to access your site activity by installing an opt-out browser add-on (for more information see:

Certain information is automatically collected by our server, called a server log, and typically includes information relating to the type of browser and operating system you are using, the referrer URL, host names and IP addresses. This information is required in order to log errors, ensure the security of our system and detect unauthorised system access.



3.1       Retention of Personal Data

We will only process your personal data which is necessary for the abovementioned purposes and will not use it for purposes other than for which it was collected or to send you any unsolicited communications for direct marketing purposes. We will endeavour to store and/or retain your personal data for a period no longer than is necessary to carry out the abovementioned purposes and will be deleted thereafter.

3.2       Sharing your Personal Data

We may share your personal data with any of the subsidiaries of the Bell Equipment Group or business partners who provide products and services on our behalf for the purposes abovementioned. We will not share your personal data with any third parties, except if:

  • We are required to do so for legal purposes
  • We are required to do so for the purposes of future legal proceedings
  • The third party performs services relating to the processing of personal data on our behalf
  • This is required in order to provide you with any information, products or services or manage any information or products and services relating to you

We will not transfer your personal data to foreign countries, unless the situation so requires in order to carry out the abovementioned purposes or if you consent to the transfer of your personal data to foreign countries. In which case we will take reasonable steps to make sure that the third parties are bound by laws, corporate rules or binding agreements that provide an adequate level of protection and lawful processing.


3.3       Data Security

We continually strive to implement the necessary technical and organisational measures to prevent the unauthorised access to, accidental or wilful manipulation of or the loss or destruction of your personal data. We also endeavour to keep our website secure at all times, however we cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted via the internet and cannot be held responsible for any loss or unauthorised interception which is beyond our control.

Bell Equipment uses SSL encryption on this website in order to protect the transmission of confidential data and ensure that the personal data submitted on cannot be read by unauthorised persons or third parties. Bell equipment also implements the ISO27001 Information Security standard as well as industry best practices to ensure that the level of security applied to personal data meets the requirements for technical and organisational measures prescribed by GDPR.


3.4       Exercising your Data Subject Rights

We endeavour to maintain the integrity and accuracy of your personal data. You have the right to request confirmation of whether we hold records of your personal data and request that we delete or destroy records of your personal information. You are responsible for informing us of any changes in your details and have the right to request access to records of your personal data, as well as, correction of any inaccuracies relating associated with your personal data.

Bell Equipment’s Promotion of Access to Information Manual can be accessed on the Investor Relations Page.  The purpose of the Manual is to document the types of information records we hold and provide a means through which access to those records can be obtained. Access to your personal data can be requested via Annexure 1: Data Subject Access Request Form of the Manual, likewise the request for correction or deletion of your personal data or destroying or deletion of record can be requested via Form 2 in Annexure 3 of the Manual.

The information you provide us on our website is provided voluntarily and without undue duress. By clicking on the checkbox in agreeing to the terms of this policy, you consent to the processing of your personal data provided on this website. Where you choose to object to the processing of personal information at any time, you can submit a request via Annexure 2: Form 1 Objection to the processing of Personal Information of the Manual.

If you have any queries or complaints in relation to the processing of your personal data, you may contact our Group Company Secretary at

Should you have grounds to believe that the processing of personal data carried out under this Policy infringes on your privacy rights conferred on you by the GDPR, you may lodge a complaint for relief with your relevant National Data Protection Authority.