Bell Care Package – caring for the customer, caring for the machine

Published: 26 May 2020

Bell Equipment is introducing the Bell Care Package, which has been thoughtfully designed to satisfy our customers’ need to look after the servicing of their assets, manage costs and increase flexibility to better respond to today’s uncertain and challenging environment.

General Manager of Bell Equipment Group Technical Services, Meltus Badenhorst, says: “The Bell Care Package is a result of leveraging our global network and applying economies of scale to create a range of flexible service packages, all attractively priced, and focused on the needs of our customers in Southern Africa.

“It is available across the entire Bell product range and replaces our existing Bell Secure Service Package by providing a more cost effective and relevant product to manage machine service costs. Apart from flexible options and reduced pricing, the Bell Care Package is online and live, hosted on our Bell Aftermarket Infohub, which is dynamically updated. By incorporating a live calculator, our team can use the system to effortlessly run multiple scenarios for customers. The software is remarkably user-friendly; two sliding scales allow the customer to choose how many months of cover and the number of hours. The system then automatically generates a quote at the touch of a button,” adds Meltus.

“Currently we have our Starter Care level with four packages: basic, classic, premium and supreme. All these packages include LubeCheck oil analysis and service kits with the more advanced packages offering oils and lubricants and/or labour and travel costs. However, customers need to watch this space as we are working on phase two that will further increase package flexibility by incorporating repairs on selected components. Based on the specific package, this will cover the service costs and take care of unplanned maintenance and repairs on a machine.”

Flexibility extends to payment options with customers having multiple options available to them, including upfront cash payments, bank financing and monthly invoicing based on machine hours accumulated (service by the hour).

Bell Care Package is available with all new machine purchases and rentals and is further offered on machines that have already accumulated hours and will remain in place for the selected hours and/or period, whichever occurs first. Bell Care can also be topped up should the contract near its completion.

Managing Director of Bell Equipment Sales South Africa, Duncan Mashika, said: “We’re excited by the Bell Care Package; it shows our understanding of our customers’ needs and our commitment to help them succeed in their businesses. This is a great addition to our aftermarket offering and we’re confident our customers will appreciate the flexibility and cost saving benefits it provides.”

Contact your nearest Customer Service Centre Representative to find out more about the Bell Care Package and how it can contribute to your business.