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Bell Equipment is a proudly South African company with a global footprint and over 65 years of experience in the manufacture, distribution, and support of material handling equipment to a broad spectrum of industries. The Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) is our core product and we are acknowledged for our ongoing product innovation and class leading performance that sets us apart globally as an ADT specialist. As a reliable mining and construction equipment supplier we offer the world's largest range of ADTs including 4x4 models for niche applications.

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As an agricultural machinery supplier, we offer an extensive range of robust equipment including Haulage Tractors and Tri-Wheeled Loaders as well as specialist sugarcane handling solutions through our Matriarch brand.

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With a rich history as a forestry equipment supplier, and in keeping with our ‘strong reliable machines, strong reliable support' motto, we offer a wide range of mechanised harvesting and load and haul options through the Bell and Matriarch brands.

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Our engineering expertise and product quality are more than comparable with other global players in the industry and Bell is immensely proud of the ground-breaking technological advancements we have developed on South African soil with our team of local engineers.

Today Bell Equipment is a global equipment supplier with 50 000 machines operating in over 80 countries around the world. The Group has nine marketing and support operations outside of South Africa and more than 150 offshore distribution outlets and dealershipsThe Group employs over 3 500 people.

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