Productive and safe Mining Machinery

We supply mining equipment in mineral rich areas throughout the world, notably Africa, Russia, Indonesia, and Australia. Led by our range of Bell Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) as the ultimate hauling machinery, we offer Low Profile ADTs for underground mining and a range of application equipment, including Water Tankers and Rock Scalers. Our mining equipment provides customer-focused solutions to small, medium, and global mining operations.

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  • Articulated Dump Truck – Apart from providing best-in-class off-road ability, Bell ADTs feature on-board weighing and remote production monitoring to promote maximum productivity. Our 6x6 ADTs are well suited to soft and difficult underfoot conditions while the 4x4 range operates in niche applications with hard under foot conditions where turning circle and manoeuvrability is crucial.

  • Low Profile ADT – Custom built for underground mining operations, the Bell Low Profile ADT is fitted with a side mounted cab and onboard cameras for all round visibility while being PDS (pedestrian detection system), remote control and autonomous ready. These trucks boast the same safety technology and class leading power to weight ratio as the surface truck range, with the addition of failsafe spring applied hydraulic release braking systems.

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Our comprehensive range of mining equipment includes specialised application equipment such as Water Tankers, Rock Scalers and unique Tri-wheeler Forklifts.

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The mining industry remains Bell Equipment's largest contributor. Further research and development into this strategic market remains a priority.