MJ Church builds tech into its fleet with Bell Equipment

Published: 28 January 2020

Taking technologically advanced routes to break new ground, one of the South West region’s largest civil engineering, earthworks and waste management contractors, MJ Church has returned once again to Bell Equipment for the purchase of a recent consignment of Articulated Dump Truck vehicles.

Opting for a combination of new and pre-owned machines, the leading sector performer has chosen to add 15 Bell B30Es to its sizeable fleet over recent years, enhancing the level of dumper truck technology for its client base.

At MJ Church, offering clients the latest technology alongside high performing capabilities is part of the company’s operational ethos, and its decision to return to Bell Equipment for a recent purchase of five machines is due in part to the manufacturer’s Fleetm@tic® satellite-based, management system.

The tech, which allows operators to keep projects on schedule, maintain machine health and reduce running costs, can be securely accessed from any location with an internet connection, providing a gateway to valuable data that can significantly improve a client’s fleet performance.

Driven by a series of satellites with worldwide coverage, the Fleetm@tic® device sends raw data to the Bell Equipment server, where it is compiled into easily comprehensible reports. The kit also includes a driver ID mechanism and a service indicator to help prevent machines from running over their service hours.

Impressed with all aspects of the newly acquired Bell models, Tom Church, Managing Director, Plant & Transport at MJ Church comments:

“Returning to Bell Equipment has been an easy decision to make. Historically, we’ve received solid performances from the manufacturer’s vehicles and found the customer service to be excellent. The latest machines, which have wider tyres for improved flexibility, are as fuel efficient as always and are already proving their worth when tasked with earthmoving, remediation, quarry work and dealing with overburden strips.

“We’ve found the product is competitively priced and offers an extremely strong resale value. The after-sales care team are consistently helpful, and importantly, I’m pleased to report that our drivers like the operation, handling and comfort of this updated E-series machine.

“These benefits add positively to the machines’ advanced technical capabilities, which prove invaluable in these increasingly fast-paced times.”
Tom goes on to say that as MJ Church operates its own equipment on jobs within its civil engineering business, machine performance is considered key to the successful delivery of projects, with the operation priding itself on always purchasing the best vehicles in the business.

He explains that the inclusion of Fleetm@tic® has enabled his trucks to be primed and ready to work with standard onboard weighing measuring from three points, i-tip, Hill Assist and other safety alerts; each designed to increase productivity, enhance driver safety and reduce operational risks. Furthermore, with Bell always looking for ways to improve the technological features of its trucks, Tom announces that he is in discussions with the manufacturer to create new portals within the system, from which other machines within his fleet can be managed.

“We find working with Bell to be a positive experience and we’re always impressed with the team’s enthusiasm for seeking out new opportunities, original products and modifications to improve specific applications.

“It’s a great company to do business with and one that has an eye to the future. Regarding a future purchase? Yes, I would return to Bell, without hesitation.”