Extended Warranty

Looking out for the long term

For peace of mind that your investment will be looked after, choose from Bell Equipment’s flexible extended warranty and top-up options that are available for the full machine or particular systems.

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Extended warranty FAQs:

Q: I’ve purchased my machine without extended warranty. Will I still be eligible to purchase extended warranty?

A: Yes, you are eligible to purchase an extended warranty while your machine is still within the standard warranty period.

Q: When does my extended warranty start?

A: Extended warranty starts on expiry of the standard warranty. The extended warranty period is recorded from the date of installation, for example, a 6 000 hour/36 month package will start at machine installation and end on the 36th month from date of installation or 6 000 machine hours, whichever occurs first.

Q: What is top-up warranty?

A: Top-up warranty allows you to extend your current extended warranty period by hours or months or change your extended warranty package (i.e. it can be changed to a lower package).

Q: Are there other details to take note of?

A: Extended warranty or top-up warranty periods will always be from the machine’s first installation date and the hours applicable will be the actual machine hours/SMR.

Q: What are the requirements to purchase or top-up my extended warranty?

A: You will be able to purchase or top-up your extended warranty while your machine is within its warranty period and has a service history with Bell Equipment or one of our dealers. The sales representative or customer support representative will need to submit the following details for authorisation:

  • Machine model
  • Machine serial number/VIN number
  • Current hours
  • Required extended warranty or top-up option/s (i.e. top-up to 8 000 hours/48 months)
  • Has the original owner of the machine changed? (Yes/No)
  • Recent machine condition assessment (MCA) and job card (repair and service) history
  • Top up warranty is subject to the Warranty Manager’s approval.