ReMan Components

Give components extra value and longer life

Quality guaranteed Bell ReMan components are rebuilt to the manufacturer’s required specifications and carry a 12 months/1 500 hours warranty.

Bell rebuild facilities ensure that any component reworked has the same quality, performance and design intent as a new part.

Engines: Bell has a complete range of engines to power our machines. Featuring class-leading power density, they also offer exceptional fuel efficiency and the highest levels of reliability.

ADT Coolers: Hydraulic, transmission and transfer case oil coolers feature a hydraulically driven fan that runs only as needed, or when engine loading is low, helping to conserve power and fuel. 

Allison Transmissions: A global brand and benchmark in automatic planetary transmissions. These efficient transmissions maximise fuel efficiency and minimise power loss between engine and ground, whilst also giving retardation.

ZF Transmissions: ZF transmissions, engineered and manufactured in Germany, have built-in retarders offering high levels of retardation to minimise brake pad wear. Extremely well spaced gear ratios maximise the time that the engine spends at its optimal operating point.

Transfer Cases: Bell proprietary transfer cases are engineered for simplicity, efficiency and optimised torque split between front and rear axles. The integral inter-axle diff-lock gives improved traction and ability in slippery conditions.

Axles: Bell chooses their axles with care to get the best solution for each machine. Fabricated from high grade steel, they ensure strength and rigidity without unnecessary excess weight.

Differentials: Differentials are chosen to best suit each machine. The B35 to B50 differentials are controlled traction differentials that lock with a friction disc. The B18 to B30 have limited slip differentials, which give optimal off-road performance without any input from the operator.

Suspension Struts: Suspension struts give a comfortable ride to operators. Engineered by Bell to give the best suspension performance.

Hydraulic Cylinders: Earthmoving is a tough environment for hydraulic systems to operate in. At the same time, they provide critical functions and are engineered by Bell to deal with the toughest operating conditions.

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